This is an image of a teacher helping pupil with there work.
Values and Vision

As a partnership of almost twenty schools across two multi-academy trusts, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We know that a strong partnership will help us train and support the best teachers, ensuring they have access to the best expertise and experience we can offer to help them secure qualified teacher status and go on to have a successful career in teaching.

We also know that, whilst teaching is among the most rewarding professions imaginable, learning anything new can challenge us. So, we believe that all trainees should receive personalised support with all aspects of their development. Trainees will enjoy this support from their mentors but will also find that the culture in our schools ensures they feel comfortable and prepared to meet any challenges.

Our trainees learn the importance of excellence, care and commitment, and are expected to reflects these values with the experience of children always are the forefront of their thoughts.

We are clear that everything we do is for our young people and we are proud to help produce teachers who – whatever they choose to do with their skills – improve our education system, reduce inequality and create bright futures for the young lives that they help shape.